The importance of keeping your assets safe
2 min readJul 20, 2020


Security has always been a major factor in our life and as an integral part now. With the technology improvisation and enhancement, security became an imminent part that each and every one of us needs to be cautious about. The precautions become prevalent and important when it comes to financial assets or securities we own. Blockchain has taken the financial world to altogether a new dimension that people started showing even more interest in crypto trading than the normal traditional market. That is the precise moment in which we all start thinking about the importance of keeping them safe.

In Quantia we provide an investment solution for people that want to generate passive income, without the risk of losing their crypto assets. Once we receive a deposit in Bitcoin / Stablecoin to an interest account, the balance is lent to another counterparty at a higher rate. In this lending process, a CDP (Collaterallized Debt Position) is created with a 150% margin. Borrowers must maintain a collateral value of at least 1.1 times as much as the total borrowed. If the collateral’s value falls below that level, the Quantia system automatically liquidates enough collateral to return the ratio of collateral to 110%. This way, all our clients investments are always guaranteed.

And there’s much more apart from security, which is a great deal and one of our major concerns: our interest account lets you earn up to 10% APY interest on their bitcoin or stablecoin with an investment from as little as USDT 1000 or equivalent in BTC. Simply store your crypto at Quantia and earn interest paid out in Bitcoin or Dollar Tether. Interest is paid daily and there is no lockup period. Fees are 0%, so what you earn is all yours. You can invest without the risk of losing your crypto assets, as all investments are 100% guaranteed with overcollateralized loans in BTC or USDT.

It’s critical to find the right solutions when it comes to crypto security. With a rise in theft and increased volatility in the market, entities must be able to transact with ease. It’s really important to work within a robust security framework.

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